Who is VISCONTI coaching for?

In order to considerably increase the impact of coaching on the business leader and his organization, VISCONTI has chosen to individualize its approach.


VISCONTI executive coaches accompany the business leader on the operational and strategic challenges related to his activity, in a logic of performance and humanism. Regardless of the size of the company he manages and his sector. Most of them are executives of large corporations, SME leaders, entrepreneurs, directors of Business Units, associations/foundations or public sector directors.


They can also accompany functional directors, at their request or that of their manager or HR director.

Why coaching business leaders?

VISCONTI accompaniment aims to respond to the challenges related to the position of business leader, allowing him to have the necessary hindsight to make the right decisions.


As part of his position, every business leader must be able to steer the strategy for each of the functions of his organization and must be able to constantly adapt to the new challenges it faces during its life cycle.


Thus, as a high performance athlete, leadership involves exemplariness, continuous development and the acquisition of skills on an ongoing basis.


Despite the presence of a close guard (partners, Management Committee, etc.), the position of business leader and its resulting responsibilities can sometimes create a feeling of “loneliness of power”, especially in the context of important decision-making.


People who want to help you, close relations, associates, collaborators, are often too concerned to have the objectivity necessary for any good business leader.


The role of captain that is implied in every leading role generates multiple demands. The business leader often lacks the willingness to develop new professional or personal projects or even for ongoing projects.


At any given time, business leaders may be confronted with fluctuations in motivation. Because of its leading role within the company, these fluctuations have a significant impact on his business.

Conflict of interest

Multiple conflicts of interest can occur in organizations, the manager can sometimes experience them: conflict between the short and long term, between the position of shareholder and manager, etc.


Management, organization, time, performance… To face with these different challenges, the business leader is accompanied by a VISCONTI executive coach who brings him objectivity, height of vision, proven tools and methods.

What are the ten key services provided by VISCONTI coaching?

Experience of the executive coach

The coachee is accompanied by an experienced executive coach who acts as a sparring partner.


The coached business leader meets regularly with his coach in a format of two half-day physical workshops per month to combine speed and efficiency.


The executive coach ensures the effectiveness of the coaching process by sending summaries, action plans and/or supporting documents few days following the workshop.

Follow up

During the weeks without a workshop, the executive coach follows up the coaching process through a phone call with his coachee.

Content contribution

The executive coach provides his coachee with tools and support documents that he can easily use in the structure he leads and with his teams.

Provision of contacts

The executive coach provides his coachee with contacts (clients, subcontractors, partners, networks).

Expert intervention

The relationship between a coach and his coachee can be enriched by the intervention of another coach in case of a specialized expertise on a subject.


The executive coach is available at all times for the client (24/7) to discuss any urgent topic.


The executive coach is not alone, he is accompanied by an experienced coach too.


The VISCONTI executive coach applies himself what he recommends to his clients: he is also accompanied by an executive coach.

VISCONTI manager coach vs. consultant: what are the differences?

Their field of action

The executive coach concentrates his follow-up action on the business leader he accompanies and sometimes on his N-1s or functional directors. Conversely, the consultant usually acts on several layers of a large organization, from senior management to operational staff.

Their skills

The VISCONTI executive coach, a former manager, presents both a significant operational career and coaching training. In addition, his position as a former business leader gives him assertive legitimacy to the leader he accompanies.


The consultant, on the other hand, is usually an integral part of a team that produces analysis documents or co-pilots a transverse project. In this respect, his autonomy and maturity depends directly on his rank; for example, a junior consultant rarely has an operational background.

The type of methodology used

VISCONTI executive coaches use methodologies adapted to companies of all sizes – and if necessary, to the specific challenges of public administrations – at their different stages of development and to the individuals who lead them. This approach gives priority to pragmatism, rapid decision-making and action.


The consultant, on the other hand, uses methodologies that are essentially adapted to large companies favouring a functional or sectoral approach. Therefore, his approach gives priority to analysis, consensus-building and coordinated action in the form of cross-cutting projects.

Duration and budget

The VISCONTI executive coach intervenes for his client in a medium-term logic, the goal of the coaching is to develop his coachee performance and his organization week after week. As a result, the coaching budget offered by VISCONTI takes the form of a monthly subscription.


The consultant, as for him, intervenes generally speaking within the framework of punctual missions of 2 to 3 months with a flat-rate mode. Within the framework of medium-term missions, he adopts a governance approach.

How to measure the effectiveness of VISCONTI coaching?

The executive coach proposes methodologies to the business leader he coaches and offers him an experienced and objective look. However, only the business leader, followed by his teams, can implement the action plans necessary to achieve his objectives.


At the start of every coaching session, the coach and his coachee reflect on the objectives to be achieved and together define indicators that will measure the development of the business leader and his organization in relation to these objectives. The success of the accompaniment is therefore linked to the positive evolution of these indicators. The follow-up of the latter is carried out throughout the relationship between the coach and his coachee through the use of a tool called Cockpit.

Some examples of indicators (quantitative and qualitative):

  • The completion of a complex project

  • The reassignment of the manager’s time

  • The changes in turnover and net margin of the company

  • The improvement of the internal culture and team performance

How long does a coaching take?

To ensure its effectiveness, coaching must be considered over the long term (on average one year) as it contributes to the positive development of the business leader and his organisation over the long term. The establishment of regularity and rhythm in the relationship is therefore essential.


VISCONTI accompaniment is structured according to a classical scheme that can be adapted according to the needs of the business leader:

  • A physical meeting (twice a month) between the executive coach and his coachee in the form of a half-day workshop
  • An interview by phone is scheduled between each physical workshop


The course of the workshop varies according to the topics but is generally composed as follows:

  • An exchange on the important topics that emerged since the previous workshop and the joint search for solutions
  • The review of the progress of the TO DOs to be made for the next workshops
  • The treatment of the subject on the agenda
  • The provision of tools and documents useful to the manager by the coach
  • The contribution of contacts (clients, partners…) by the executive coach


48 hours following the workshop, the executive coach sends a report to his coachee.


In addition, another VISCONTI executive coach can intervene, if necessary, on a specific subject in which he can bring specialized expertise.


The executive coach remains available at all times to answer the questions of his coachee.

How to choose your coach?

The relationship between an executive coach and his coachee is intuitu personae. It therefore requires real trust and even mutual sympathy.


In addition, unlike consulting, the coaching process can only be initiated after a meeting between the potential coach and the coachee. It can be initiated in different forms:

  • Through word-of-mouth with the recommendation of a close friend who knows a VISCONTI executive coach.
  • Through VISCONTI team with a proposal to the business leader interested in coaching to meet one or more relevant executive coaches, depending on the stakes involved.

Is VISCONTI a training organisation?

VISCONTI offers a tailor-made approach combining coaching, consulting and training. As such, VISCONTI can intervene, depending on the tasks entrusted to it, as a training organisation. It is registered as such with the Paris Prefecture and is referenced as Data Dock.


Some coaching actions can therefore be covered by the budget allocated to trainings within companies.



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