"My adventure as an entrepreneur has allowed me to forge the firm belief that leaders can improve at any time. This is why I would like to work closely with them today to accompany them on this path, by reconciling performance and joy."


Estelle Sommer, Our Partner


13 years of expérience as a manager


French, English, German


Paris, Strasbourg, Bâle, Zürich, London

A graduate of business school, Estelle began her career at L’Oréal in the export division, then at FDM Pharma, an international CRO. From this experience was formed the idea, in 1998, of co-founding with 2 partners, Genactis, a pharmaceutical marketing consulting company. 10 years later Genactis is active in 5 countries (UK, France, USA, Germany, Italy) and counts more than 120 employees for a turnover close to 20 M USD. Its clients are major pharmaceutical groups worldwide.

In 2003 Estelle obtained her Executive MBA from the Theseus Institute in partnership with UCLA (now part of SKEMA Business School), and leads Genactis SAS, to become CEO of the Group in 2014.

During her 20 years with Genactis, Estelle has faced situations as varied as rapid growth and internationalization, various transformations, the 2008 crisis, and a rebound to new horizons thanks to a strategic reorientation.

Today, she wishes to share this experience with leaders who are looking for a willing listener and a sparring partner that is ready to challenge them with the aim of optimizing their performance and that of their company.


Founder in 1998.

Genactis SAS

CEO from 2006 to 2019.

Genactis SAS

CEO from 2014 to 2019.

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