"In a world in a state of constant and profound mutation, the leader must be constantly challenged to develop his skills, improve his performance and the value of his company. In the role of sparring partner, with a spirit of conquest, exchange, and enjoyment, I accompany managers through personalized and business-oriented coaching. This means that the leader is no longer alone to think and decide".


Frédéric Lassale, Our Partner


18 years of experience as a manager


French, English


Paris, Marseille

Frédéric Lassale is a “builder”, driven by a passion for entrepreneurship, management, and the development of “Premium” services for executives and their companies: executive coaching, talent discovery, risk control, innovation management.

An engineer by training, Frédéric has more than 27 years of experience in the engineering and construction sector in technical, commercial, and managerial positions, including 18 years as a leader. He has indeed experienced several sequences in his career in SMEs (BRL Ingénierie, BETEREM) and Mid-Caps (TPF Ingénierie, TPF Group), in which he successively held the positions of Project Manager (1992-2000), Development Director (2000-2004), Sales Director (2004-2008) and CEO (2008-2018).

Frédéric has also always evolved in an international and multi-cultural environment, namely through his affiliation to the international TPF Group, his involvement in the commercial development of projects in Africa and Europe, and recently in innovative projects in the deep tech / smart city sector (French Tech laureates) in Hangzhou, China. He has also been a corporate director of companies in both Morocco and Algeria.

Over the last 10 years, he has acquired strong experience in evolving environments, be it company creations or buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, transformation, reorganization, and turnaround projects, legal proceedings (ad’hoc mandate, safeguard). In these different frameworks, he has always endeavored to manage with a strategic vision shared with the company’s stakeholders.

“I have experienced the leader’s loneliness in the face of the many challenges I have had to tackle. Today, VISCONTI’s unique and ambitious approach allows me to share the great diversity of my professional experience and to help other managers, as equals, to meet their challenges. In keeping with VISCONTI’s values: Openness, Audacity, Joy”.

“None of us, acting alone, can achieve success,” Nelson Mandela said.

“No matter how good you are at your job, you’d be better with a coach. Everyone needs one ! “Eric Schmid, CEO of Google.

FL Management

In 2014, Frédéric created his own holding company which today integrates a range of activities (coaching, recruitment, innovation & financing, real estate, insurance).

TPF Ingénierie / TPF Group

With 11 years of experience in the construction engineering sector (building, infrastructure, water, energy), Frédéric was CEO of TPF Ingénierie and a member of the Executive Committee of TPF Group.

BRL Ingénierie

With 11 years of experience in the water, environmental and land development engineering sector, Frédéric has held the positions of Project Manager (1997-2000), Development Director (2000-2004) and Sales Director (2004-2008).


2 years of experience as Mediterranean TGV Project Manager.

Rémy Jacquier, Executive Chairman, OXAND
Frédéric is an extremely positive personality, he was President of the TPF design office, TPEAF. He has also been a real coach for me. He accompanied me, especially last year, in a period that was complicated with the Covid crisis. We exchanged a lot. I hold him in high esteem in terms of personality, because he has this ability to remain constructive in all circumstances. This characterizes many entrepreneurs but I think that lately we have all needed this state of mind and that Frédéric really wants to transmit it. He is a brilliant and radiant personality who brings a lot of good to both his professional and personal ecosystem. As Frédéric says it so well, the loneliness of a leader in the face of challenges and events is not a myth. It is pleasant to exchange with actors with whom we have a natural understanding, because they have gone through the same stages. It is important to have peers with whom we can exchange and share, with whom we will find empathy through our common experience. Source (Podcast - Radio.immo): https://bit.ly/37DaqiG

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