"Passionate about the business world, bold, creative, focused on people, I propose to use my expertise and experience to develop the value of your company, but also to better embody your role as a leader, so that you can reconcile pleasure and success and find the right balance. "

"Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is success." Henri Ford


Jean-Pierre Mota, Our Partner


15 years of experience as a manager


French, English

Jean-Pierre has a solid experience as an entrepreneur / manager in the digital world where he has always been able to combine innovation and performance.

His singular, protean and rich life path has enabled him not only to turn around companies, to seek and find the right financing but also to manage hypergrowth through the integration, acquisition and sale of companies.

He started his career with a company in difficulty in the digital printing sector, which he turned around, developed and sold to the RC CONCEPT Group, a leader in the market of point of sale theatralization. He will then actively contribute to the organic and external hyper growth of the Group.

Driven by his vision and his thirst for entrepreneurship, he created a start-up in the field of MRM (Marketing Resource Management), convinced that marketing services were tending to undergo a real revolution with the arrival of new technologies.

Jean-Pierre has a post-graduate degree in Quantitative Marketing, he plays tennis, he was champion of Yvelines and participated several times in the French championship.

“During my life as an entrepreneur/manager, I have often felt alone, having to face challenges for which I was neither prepared nor trained, having to make bold decisions, sometimes perilous, for the company and my teams.  I joined Visconti, the strength of its team, but also its methodology, with the desire and the will to accompany managers throughout their career, to be at their side to help them develop the value of their company, but also to give them the right keys to succeed. “

ALVEOS (software publisher)

7 years as a CEO.

RC Group (brand communication at the point of sale)

3 years as Associate Director.

Logostyle (digital printing)

5 years as a manager.

DELL Computer (IT manufacturer)

2 years as a business engineer and team leader.

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