Visconti Partners

Leaders challenging Leaders

Hubert Reynier, président fondateur Visconti

Founding President

Since its foundation in 2010, VISCONTI has been committed to support and advice executives by executives.


Who better than an experienced manager could advice another manager? To put it differently, our team is made up of former athletes who have today the immense pleasure of coaching today’s top-level athletes.


Our team is diverse and therefore particularly rich:


  • Entrepreneurial leaders and CEOs of medium to large companies.
  • All business sectors are represented by legacy executives with a wide range of  business expertise.

I hope you will soon have the pleasure of meeting one or more members of our team.


And may this meeting be as useful and enjoyable as possible.

Executive Coaching



VISCONTI partners provide executive and operational support  to managers and their teams, regardless the environment in which they operate (large groups, start-ups, SMEs, associations, public sector).


This support is adapted to the life cycle of the structure for which the executive is responsible for as well as to his or her personal career path trajectory (taking up a new position, during her/his mandate or undergoing a job move to new responsibilities).

This support has three congruent objectives :


  1. Develop the company’s value;
  2. Develop the operational and leadership skills of the manager and his/her team;
  3. Contribute to a better life balance for the manager and his employees.

Coaching management committees



Executive coaching can be both individual and collective. It responds to 4 different needs:


  1. Engage and align the management team;
  2. Run effective meetings;
  3. Manage crisis within the management team;
  4. Develop the management committee skills .

The mission of VISCONTI

VISCONTI Partners’ mission is to unlock the executive potential as a leader and thus contribute to her/his business growth.


This mission, or WHY, is consubstantial with our ambition, namely to be the executive coaching reference player in Europe.


Our mission and ambition are based on three fundamental values that underpin the collective values of the managers we support and those of all the VISCONTI partners: pleasure, boldness and sharing.

Why joining VISCONTI?

Becoming a VISCONTI partner means joining the entrepreneurial adventure of a community of leaders seduced by an innovative and demanding vision of executive coaching.


We often say that being an executive is a job. We could also say that being an executive coach is one too.


Becoming a VISCONTI partner means :


  • Joining a leading brand in the field of executive coaching done by executives.
  • To learn the job of executive coach and develop this activity to the maximum of your own capacity.
  • Combining personal freedom with the strength of a team of partners who are all former managers.
  • To develop the value of companies and the performance of their managers, and thus contribute to the development and harmony of the business society in general.
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