Our values

How do our values reflect our culture and vice versa?

Three values represent both the soul of VISCONTI and our way of supporting managers: Pleasure, Boldness and Sharing.


These values mirror Visconti’s H-D-C culture, namely Humility, Demanding and Collective.


We regularly rely on these values and culture, which are key points of reference, to define our strategy, arbitrate decisions or co-opt new coaches for managers or employees.


  • To be nourished by the diversity of encounters and situations
  • To give confidence, desire and energy
  • To learn continuously
  • To enrich each other
  • To be happy with a smile and a thank you


  • To have the courage to speak the truth
  • To dare to leave your comfort zone and think differently
  • To overcome your mental barriers
  • To unlearn to relearn
  • To aim for excellence


  • To listen with humility and confront with kindness
  • To exchange and transmit with generosity
  • To share our doubts and convictions, our failures and successes
  • To pool our talents and opportunities for the benefit of all
  • To appreciate our progress together