The challenges of leaders, in a context of hybrid workplaces, generation Z, a world managed by digital actors, a
social and sustainable environment, visions and missions to be revisited, require a very deep commitment to stay
connected and aligned. to the teams.
Accompanying leaders as a sparring partner is a necessity, a need and a source of innovation to allow them to
remain focused, healthy in body and mind, and efficient…., by freeing the company, freeing them themselves in
order to transform their operational skills into moral, social and committed skills…..
Talents wins game , but team work and intelligence win Championship, MICHAEL JORDAN


Christophe Bezu, Our Partner


38 years of experience as a manager


French, English


Japan, England, Grande Aquitaine, Hongkong, Germany, Paris

Christophe is an entrepreneur, member of international management committees, with more than 30 years of experience in the world of sports and sports equipment, the fashion industry, and the wine industry.

He spent more than 25 years with the Adidas group (1988-2011), including 20 years in Asia, first as head of licensing in Japan. In 1998, he became the founding president of Adidas Japan. He joined Hong Kong in 2003 as CEO of Asia Pacific and
leads the region’s total operations.

In 2009, he became the international boss of e-commerce and digital transformation as Chief e-commerce officer. He also restructures China, an essential pillar in the development of the Adidas Reebok group.
In 2011, he decided to join Esprit, in Germany, as Chief wholesale officer and board member to redevelop global franchisees and became the boss of Europe, 2 years later, covering all marketing channels.

He joined Odlo in 2015, a technical outdoor sports brand, as a member of the management committee and took over the reins of the brand, as CEO until its resale at the end of 2019. He participates in numerous management committees, in the USA, India and Europe, in various fields, from sport to technology.

At the same time, he manages his Château de Mazelières wine estate in southwestern France, a wine and event estate until 2022. From his experience, Christophe wishes to transmit these achievements to managers and future leaders by joining the Visconti collective, integrating CSR expertise, digital and sustainable transformation, as well as his expertise in sports
coaching applied to managers.

Adidas Group

Founding President Adidas Japan.
(1998-2003) - 5 years
President representative Japon
( 93-98) - 5 years
Founding President Adidas Japan
( 98-2003) - 5 years
Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific Adidas Group
( 2003-2009) - 6 years
Chief e-commerce officer Adidas Group
( 2009-2011) -2 years


Chief wholesale officer
( 2011-2013) - 2 years
Managing director Europe Esprit
( 2013-2015) - 3 years


Member of the Board of Directors and President and CEO
( 2015-2019) - 4 years

SAS Mazeliéres

( 2011-2022) - 11 years

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