"An ambitious leader is a Great Visionary or they are not, a successful leader is a Good Communicator or they are not."


Johnny Allia, Our Partner


15 years of experience as a manager


French, English


Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Sophia Antipolis

In a world where their most dangerous challenger is perhaps still studying, it is up to each leader to try to implement the best possible strategy for their company, to articulate it clearly and regularly to all of their team members, and to make sure that each of their collaborators can faithfully express it in their own words, succinctly and efficiently participating in the action plan’s implementation !

After several outstanding personal experiences in most of business’s key areas such as Innovation, R&D, Marketing, or Business Development, Johnny has specialized in General Company Management.

Throughout more than 15 years of experience in Executive Management positions, where he has often worked with top leaders, he has significantly contributed to the successful metamorphosis of the businesses he has managed by making all the different functions of the company work together, from those he has perfectly mastered to those he has cleverly harmonized.

Very comfortable with a start-up or, on the other hand, with a “Corporate” organization, Johnny enjoys coaching executives and managers of companies of various sizes and in a wide range of fields.

Inspired by Groucho Marx’s adage : “It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes because we don’t have the time to make them all ourselves”, Johnny shares, consistently, his experience and know-how in all the important stages of the development and evolution of the leaders he benevolently challenges. His main goal remains to empower them to set and reach ambitious goals, much like a top-level athlete who never stops pushing their own limits !


14 years of experience at Honeywell during which Johnny held various positions:
- Vice President and General Manager Security - EMEA / Product & Service Design for 7 years
- President Security Group - EMEA / Product & Service Design & Professional Specialized Distribution for 5 years
- Vice President "Connected Home" - Global Strategy, Solutions & Channels for 2 years.


15 years of experience at Secom during which Johnny held various positions:
- Technical Director for 5 years
- Sales & Marketing Director for 10 years.

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