"From Management efficiency ... to the affirmation of Leadership. By working on this key aspect, the leader "unleashes" more and more their company's human potential, which ultimately has a decisive impact on performance, growth, and value".


Jean-Philippe Martin, Our Partner


More than 12 years of experience as a manager


French, English


Paris, Lyon, Mâcon, Rhône-Alpes

Jean-Philippe has 25 years of experience including 12 years as a manager in various contexts: group, autonomous subsidiary, ETI/SME, start-up.

He has worked for several companies in the financial services sector (Banking- Insurance, Chartered Accountant, Brokerage) in France and abroad.

His expertise covers BtoB and BtoC multi-channel distribution (proprietary networks, franchises, agents, partnerships, full digital), business development (several experiences in the creation and launch of new offers and business lines), and human resources management.

Entrepreneurial and creative, Jean-Philippe challenges managers in their mission, strategy, and organization.

As a proper “Haut Savoyard”, his favorite playgrounds are the mountains and sloping slopes…similar to the ones that he negotiates with leaders by being well-trained!

Groupe Compagnie Européenne de Crédit

18 months as Chief Operating Officer.


5 years as Chairman of the Executive Board Banque FIDUCIAL and Chairman FIDUCIAL Conseil.

Groupe Crédit Agricole

4 years as Director of Réseau CA Nord de France and 2 years on the Executive Committee of CA Egypt in Cairo.


9 years as Regional Director and Director of Network Animation in France.

Groupe BNP Paribas

5 years as a SME/ETI Client Banker.

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