"Man cannot discover new oceans without having the courage to lose sight of the shore" André Gide


Nicolas Chabert, Our Partner


25 years of experience as a manager


French, English


Paris, Nice, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille

Driven by the passion to create, Nicolas joined the Visconti Partners collective, convinced that the company of 2030 will be radically different from that of the beginning of the 21st century.
The entrepreneur of tomorrow will be faced with radical transformations, which can only be achieved with extraordinary courage and conviction, and driven by unfailing determination. I decided to dedicate the rest of my professional career to being at their side.
My entrepreneurial journey began in 1997. It can be summed up as follows: create, develop, transmit.
I have always been passionate about creation, human capital and meaning in the actions carried out.
With a background in business school and financial engineering, I created my first company in 1997 in the field of new technologies.
Sold 5 years later to a listed company, I held the position of general manager for 4 years, before re-establishing several consulting companies in marketing, communication and digital.
During my 25 years as a manager, I have acquired solid experience in restructuring, growth, acquisitions, financing and fundraising.
Investor since 2018, I support leaders in their strategy, management and taking action. Passionate about corporate culture, leadership, management, organizational transformation and the regenerative economy, I work alongside entrepreneurs to support them in their daily actions.
I am co-founder and president of the Business Convention for the Climate of Provence and Corsica, and Vice-president of the CCIAMP.
NSC Holding

2018: Founder shareholder Société d'accompagnement et d'investissement

Perfeo Territoire

2004 - 2021 : Founder and Chairman of a marketing, communications and digital consultancy firm

South East Himalaya

2000 - 2004: Managing Director in charge of development 4 years to support and develop the resale of the consultancy business created in 1997

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