"Confronted with profound and rapid changes in their environment ( changing points of reference, short time vs. long time, to act closely vs. from a distance, ...), with many questions, my job is to accompany leaders in order to help them boost their personal and collective performance, at any time and with benevolence. "


Frédéric Boucher, Our Partner


25 years as an executive, entrepreneur and strategic development consultant


French, English



After having carried out numerous strategic consulting developments, held executive responsibilities, created 3 companies, and completed 3 acquisitions, Frédéric is now an Executive Business Coach for Directors.

Frédéric has advised executives and entrepreneurs and still acts as a Board Member. De facto, he has developed a strong coaching experience as a coach as well as a coachee in numerous missions and entrepreneurial initiatives since the early 2000s.

These experiences have forged strong convictions: “Executive coaching is powerful”. It is a must-have, a gas pedal for performance for all leaders who are concerned about their individual and collective performance. It is powerful in the sense that it allows to reveal of the leader’s potential and contributes to the development of the company’s worth. It is powerful because the leverage effect is far superior to other techniques (consulting, training, etc…).

Today, Frédéric is passionate about leadership development and the harnessing of collective power, most often in companies in search of meaning or undergoing major changes when technology is the main driver to generate value.

A former top-level athlete and ocean racer, Frédéric relishes in tackling challenges and accompanying his clients to foster the emergence of solid and sustainable growth.

Fixow (conseil et investissements PME)

Managing Partner since 2015.

Board Member (former Chairman) Welcoming Group (since July 2018).

Kiips (établissement de paiement et de monnaie électronique)

Founding Managing Director (6 years).

Capgemini Consulting

Senior Vice Président (8 years).

Ernst & Young

Partner (4 years).

CIC (Banque Transatlantique)

Deputy Managing Director (2 years).


Project Director (7 years).


Manager (5 years).

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