Given the growing awareness around the social responsibility of organizations, I believe that today’s leading companies are best served by the authenticity and pragmatism of the new breed of consistency-focused executives and entrepreneurs.

They were told it was impossible, so they did it.


Caroline MONDON, Our Partner


21 years of experience as an executive


English, French


Paris, Tours, International

As a team leader on oil rigs at 24, director of a high-tech factory at 29, part time industrial director turning around a dozen small and medium-sized companies for 9 years, then functional director of the supply chains of 10 automotive factories located in 7 countries, Caroline has always been attracted by challenges.

Driven by a passion for excellence, she heads the professional association that introduces international certifications in Supply Chain Management in France. During her five years tenure, Caroline has overseen the association’s transformation into an independent body, while also steering the organization towards gender parity, with a 50% female board of directors.

As a Certified Board Member, Caroline joined VISCONTI to bring her boldness and experience to the service of executives.

Her award-winning detective novel, in the “quality-performance” category: The Missing Links—a bestseller for the publishing house AFNOR—tells the story of a company’s transformation by a cellist.

An update in English has also been published in the USA by Industrial Press, embracing the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE) concepts.

A top-level skier and equestrian, Caroline has traveled on horseback through many countries, combining work and leisure to experience local cultures in order to better manage her teams on the professional field.

Schlumberger Wireline

Team leader in Italy, Germany, Netherlands for 2 years

La Calhène

Factory Director then Industrial Director in France for 5 years

French SMEs (Gault & Frémont, Gelco, Tubazur, Sati-Numen, Supra Technologies,...)

Director of Operations in part time for 9 years

Warner Electric

Supply Chain Coordinator in China for 3 years

Faiveley Transport

Factory Director in France for 2 years

Leoni Wiring Systems (formerly Valeo Electronique et Systèmes de Liaison)

Supply Chain Director of 10 sites in North Africa and Europe for 5 years

AfrSCM - Francophone Association of Supply Chain Management

President for 5 years, then Managing Director and Head of Development for 5 years.

Introduction in France, as world leader, of the Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise methodology (which includes DDMRP) and development of the Demand Driven Skills Model

Caroline is an IFA - Sciences Po Certified Board Member (CAS)

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