I have experienced the loneliness of the executive, the lack of availability and the hard decision making. Because of my background, I have missed certain skills. I have failed at times. However, my "bosses" have always trusted me, giving me new responsibilities, convinced of the value created by my perspective, my curiosity and my audacity. It is this energy that I wish to share with you, at your side, to enable you to efficiently release your full potential.

"It is our own light, not our darkness, that most frightens us." Nelson Mandela


Benoît Quignard, Our Partner


15 years of experience as a manager.


English, Spanish, French



After graduating from a business school, Benoît worked in various sectors of activity, in retail, banking and organization consulting, with a marketing and business development background. He then spent 16 years at Eiffage where he alternated between operational and support functions.

Close to the field, he demonstrated his ability to adapt in complex environments due to cultural differences and various economic challenges. He has led several acquisitions, in France and abroad. He has managed restructurings and developed international activities.

Convinced that people are the main driving force of any organization, he implemented new management practices by taking over the Internal Audit and Risk Management departments, then the International Department of the Eiffage Group.

He likes to bring out the best in everyone, through trust, flexibility and enthusiasm, and thus free up their potential to improve the company’s performance.

Benoît assists managers with their problems, facilitating decision-making and channeling talent.


General Secretary - EIFFAGE Immobilier IdF (turnover 570 M€ -220 people)
In charge of Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Finance, HR, After Sales Service and Communication
- Management of real estate operations (development, assembly and implementation)
- Harmonization and optimization of strategies, organizations and processes

Main achievements during the period :
- creation of a national sales force
- implementation of an ERP (Prim Promo)
- management of the transformation of offices into Flex Office (digitalization)

Executive Director (COMEX) - EIFFAGE Infrastructures (formerly Travaux Publics) (€5,436 million in revenues - 25,900 employees)
In charge of P&L and management of international subsidiaries (€1,016 million - 5,450 employees)
- Definition of the objectives of the country managers and monitoring of operating risks
- Validation of significant tenders and review of business
- Optimization of organizations (restructuring, mobility, overhead, investments)
- Management of external growth (targets, acquisitions, integrations)
- Definition of recruitment and mobility policies, skills and talent management
- Budget arbitration, tax optimization and cash flow improvement

Main achievements during the period :
- integration of 2 civil engineering companies (Canada + Colombia) recently acquired
- acquisition of 3 German companies specialized in foundations and special structures
- award of the contract for the reconstruction of the collapsed Chirajara bridge in Colombia and of the concession contracts for the TER in Dakar (Senegal) and the A94 freeway in Germany
- reduction of overheads from 15.3% to 9.7% (between end-2014 and end-2018)
- opening of employee savings schemes in the German, Spanish and Senegalese subsidiaries
- plan to replace the Managing Director and key people in each subsidiary

Director of Internal Audit and Risks - EIFFAGE Group
17 auditors - 20 missions per year
- With the team : implementation of methodologies and internal tools for analyzing operational risks
- With the CEO : review of nearly 200 commercial offers (Go/No Go) and monitoring of loss-making entities
- With stakeholders (Audit Committee, analysts, CAC, rating agencies): relationship management

Regional Operations Manager (Eiffage ENERGIE - ex FORCLUM)
13 M€ of turnover - 4 agencies in the PACA region - 140 people
- Integration of 2 companies bought by the Group : complete restructuring of the organization
- Current management of the operation : business, management, HR/IRP, Group policies

KPMG Consulting France

Senior Manager - Director of the "CRM Engineering" business unit (€3M turnover - 17 consultants)
Skills acquired during the main missions : restructuring of operational entities, performance management, definition of strategy and associated marketing policies

CORTAL (BNP Paribas)

Head of Controlling and International Marketing

Crédit Agricole (IDF)

Head of the Operational Marketing Department

Schweppes France

Product Manager for the 7UP brand

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