Our mission

In the exercise of his position, the business leader is confronted with multiple challenges that strongly influence his organization: loneliness, subjectivity, conflict of interest, availability, motivation, but also competence.


Hence, he must develop the broadest vision in order to be able to interact with all functional actors. As a result, we are convinced that leading a company implies a constant requirement, the business leader being the main actor in the success of his company.

It is on the basis of these observations that VISCONTI has developed a coaching method similar to sports coaching that challenges the business leader on his position with a benevolent and experienced eye, making their relationship from equal to equal similar to a high level athlete with his technical coach.


Our ambition is to support business leaders in taking up the challenges of his position by generating concrete results while having more fun.


The VISCONTI approach contributes to the evolution of the leader and the improvement of the structure he leads. Thanks to their experience as business leaders within SMEs and/or large groups, our executive coaches accompany them in their individual and collective performance.

VISCONTI Innovation

Our R&D entity has been designed to stimulate and keep pace with our innovations (internal and external), and thus constantly enrich our methodologies, which are based on the practical experience of our executive coaches.


From the emergence of an idea to its production, the VISCONTI Lab allows all the executive coaches to progress both collectively and individually.


Some key figures:

  • Executive coaches involved each month in the process of reflection, writing and testing

  • Projects that are constantly put in the portfolio and brought into production

  • Interventions of external partners who come to challenge, enrich and develop with us new methodologies

  • The development of partnerships

  • Continuous training (monthly Team Days and in-house seminars)

  • 50+ documents and tools amended or created annually

  • 400 tools and support documents made available to executive coaches and business leaders

Our values

Our approach and our corporate culture are based on three main values: pleasure, boldness and sharing. We regularly rely on these values, which are real benchmarks, to define our strategy, arbitrate decisions or co-opt new executive coaches or collaborators.


We are looking for a shared pleasure. A pleasure for the executives we accompany to progress and develop the value of their company along with the pleasure of executive coaches in exercising their profession, sharing their knowledge and communicating their positive energy to the business leaders.


We are still entrepreneurs. We do have an entrepreneur mindset; we, thus, encourage measured risk-taking, a key factor in the company’s progress and the fruit of innovation and disruption.


Coming from diverse backgrounds, we share our experience and expertise with our executive clients and between us. We are convinced that sharing always contributes to the progress of the manager and his teams.

Our partners

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