The issues of governance and capital are very often closely linked. For any new entrepreneurial project, the business leader must reflect on the best configuration of his governance by taking into account the capitalist stakes to which he must respond. The questioning of potential changes in capital and governance is therefore a fundamental element for any entrepreneurial leader.


Thus, at the start of a new activity (acquisition, merger, growth financing), the business leader will have to define precisely his need for external investors and their respective roles in governance in order to ensure the proper articulation between the shareholders and the management of the company.


Fundraising, organization of a board of directors, relationships with partners constitute just as many subjects that need to be studied and considered with sufficient attention and perspective by the business leader to avoid a situation where he could lose the control of his company.

Different from that of an angel business, the coach-coachee relationship avoids any conflict of interest by providing the necessary hindsight to the delicate decisions regarding governance and capital. The experience of VISCONTI coaches, who are themselves leaders and have founded several companies, raised funds or experienced IPOs, is a strong support for the coached business leaders.


In the context of this accompaniment, VISCONTI coaches therefore challenge business leaders on their trade-offs in the search for funding and on the subtle and far-reaching considerations surrounding governance and steering bodies.

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