Time remains the only resource whose volume cannot be increased. There is no “bank of time”, so its value is high, based on the principle that what is rare is expensive. Therefore, “wasting time” has a very high cost.


Considering his position, the business leader is daily torn between day-to-day tasks management and the strategic vision of his company. Today, few business leaders show optimal time management. It is often polluted by emergencies and appointments and/or meetings with too little added value. Accordingly, work areas devoted to major strategic priority projects are therefore relegated to a secondary position.


Time management is therefore a real challenge for any manager. Optimizing your schedule is an essential step in articulating your agenda with your organization’s strategy, taking the necessary step back to focus on high value-added actions and making the right decisions.


As a result, the overall improvement of the company’s performance necessarily depends on better management of the business leader’s time and priorities.


The time management coaching offered by our executive coaches aims to reallocate up to 20% of the business leader’s time enabling him to take a step back from his company to make the best decisions and possibly launch other activities.


Among the notable results noted by business leaders at the end of this accompaniment:

  • Reduced hours of work with low added value
  • The reallocation of “saved” hours on General Management tasks, with a greater leverage effect
  • The improvement of their productivity
  • Reduction of stress, less urgent actions and therefore less haste
  • The articulation of their agenda with the company’s strategy, thus reinforcing their execution

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