Taking over a business, starting a new activity or merging it with an existing entity is a strong and much more complex entrepreneurial operation than an ex-nihilo creation. Its complexity lies in particular in the history of the company, with a business leader who may have left behind numerous frustrations among his employees and his business environment. In the event of a merger, the company will even have to adapt its new management structure.


The takeover leader faces the challenges of taking up a new position, reinforced by the change management linked to the merger and/or by the ambiguous feeling that employees may have as a result of the takeover.


Beyond the financial operation, sometimes carried out with the support of M&A firms, a takeover is a complex adventure during which the business leader’s accompaniment is essential to enable him to build on the existing situation while integrating his own strategic vision and thus, succeeding in the entire process upstream and downstream.


As part of this coaching, VISCONTI coaches first carry out an analysis of the business leader’s motivations and their relevance to his strategy. Following this first fundamental step, they accompany the business leader on the purchase of the company by challenging him in particular on:

  • The selection of its targets and intermediaries
  • The implementation of the business plan
  • The negotiation of the redemption


The downstream phase of the takeover, on the other hand, can also be considerably optimised by working with the manager on:

  • Mastering communication skills
  • Post-purchase merger management (in the case of a merger)
  • Taking charge of the company
  • The implementation of a strategy, in breach or continuity with the previous management, under the best possible conditions for the existing teams.

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