Nowadays, the multiplication of sales channels makes it more difficult to understand the sales function and its strategic direction.


Depending on the targeted market segments, relevant and appropriate strategies for conquest and distribution at the scale and vision of the organization must be identified and adopted by the business leader. To do so, he needs to ask himself the right questions:

  • What are our customer sales channels (physical, telephone, internet)?
  • What are the sales channels of the competition?
  • Are the channels used adequate with our positioning?
  • Are they well-articulated and well-managed (controlled rebound from one channel to another)?


Whether at the head of a large group, an SME or an association, the leader’s objective is its growth, which is inherent to its sales success. This aspect is therefore one of its major concerns.


The accompaniment provided by VISCONTI executive coaches allows business leaders and sales or marketing managers to take a higher level of view on their sales strategy by focusing, first, on the acquisition of new customers (the GET of the GET INCREASE KEEP model).


Together with this, an analysis of the existing distribution channels, the available channels and their development potential is carried out to allow an easy identification of new areas of development of the company’s turnover.


This coaching aims, on the one hand, to boost the sales dynamism of the organization while maintaining a clear strategic focus and strong marketing coherence, and on the other hand, to give business leaders the energy and good marketing and sales practices necessary for the development of their company.

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