Business leaders are often torn between a bottom-up strategy, too limited to the existing and a top-down strategy lacking of pragmatism. However, it is of high importance for business leaders to build a clear strategic vision to enhance his team performance.


Thus, because the strategy is for the company what the objective is for the employee. Sharpening a strategy is a sine qua non condition for the proper functioning of any organization by allowing it to breathe life into his operations, to grow, to make his successes sustainable and to anticipate potential crisis.


The accompaniment provided by our executive coaches aims at defining and redefining the overall strategy of the company with pragmatism and hindsight by planning his strategy and his operational implementation to realign his personal and team goals with those of the organisation as a whole.


Ideally, this coaching is carried out in collective, with the management team, enabling each of the members to know, with precision and clarity, the priority projects to be carried out and the objectives that are expected of them. All of this being part of a common vision.


Among the notable results noticed by business leaders following this coaching:

  • The creation of a clear vision of the company’s positioning in relation to its market
  • The promotion of a redefined mission
  • The constitution of a ten-year projection that will mobilize the public
  • Identification of detailed short-term projects and short-term actions

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