An owner-manager may have to sell his business. This operation is an important act and must be prepared in advance to ensure the sustainability of its organization so that the manager can benefit from the fruits of its success.


Selling a business is not limited to a financial transaction, even if exchanges with intermediaries, the choice of the buyer and the negotiation of the sale price are at the heart of the sales process. Indeed, the stakes go far beyond these months of pure sales, it is a matter for the business leader to consider the following elements:

  • Ensuring that your business is sustainable
  • Dissociate the value of your company from that of its manager
  • Consolidate the company’s internal processes and real assets
  • Analyzing the appropriateness and relevance of a family transfer in the face of an external sale
  • Manage this personal change


Selling a company is a long and crucial step, both in the leader’s career and in the life cycle of the company itself. On the strength of their experience – some of them having themselves sold their company – VISCONTI coaches accompany the owner business leaders on this issue.


This support enables the owner-manager to take the necessary step back to sell his company in the best conditions, both for the company and for himself. The coaches work with him to clarify his sales expectations and develop the real value of the company.

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