Nowadays, the wage bill is the highest item of expenditure for all companies.


Hence, recruitment is a major strategic issue because the success of a team depends on the quality of its members. The choice of its employees is therefore a strong subject for any business leader, regardless of the size of his company.


On the other hand, there is a different perception of recruitment depending on the size of the entity, with the need for recruitment meeting different expectations. In a human-sized company (SME), recruitment is perceived as a subject of anxiety. These entities are looking for the rare pearl for the few open positions. Within large groups, the recruitment policy is more massive and therefore requires precise monitoring indicators.


However, regardless the size of the organisation, recruitment raises the question of the employer brand and the attractiveness of the company.


Convinced of the importance of recruitment as a long-term investment subject for any organisation, VISCONTI executive coaches, with their expertise in company management, accompany business leaders and HR managers on this fundamental issue and in particular on framing and implementing their recruitment policy.


To achieve this, VISCONTI coaches support the business leader and his teams in optimizing their strategic HR planning, defining their recruitment policy and associated channels, and increasing the attractiveness of their company.

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