As its specific approach requires a specific code of ethics, VISCONTI has instituted a precise code that ensures its customers:


Confidentiality is one of the key principles of the code of ethics developed by VISCONTI because, within the framework of the relationship it maintains with his coach, the coachee can be led to deliver confidential information that is essential to the understanding of the functioning of the company he heads.


The coach-manager relationship is based on a bond of equal and mutual respect. The executive coach allows the coachee to take a step back from his job by communicating good practices so that he can make his own decisions.


The coaching process must be independent. The executive coach must therefore be impartial, objective and avoid any conflict of interest with the company managed by his coachee. Thus, the client remains the coachee even when the coaching is carried out at the request of a third party (e. g. N+1 or HRD).


To avoid any undesirable effects such as the phenomenon of transfer, VISCONTI has set up a supervision system. In this way, each VISCONTI executive coach is accompanied by another coach himself to ensure that he takes the maximum distance from the executive he is accompanying.


The relationship between the coach and the coachee is governed by a written contract, adapted to the client’s needs, including, in an appendix, the code of ethics to which it refers.

Our charter

When they join the VISCONTI collective, all the coaches ratify a charter whose contents are as follows:

As VISCONTI executive coaches:

  • We nurture our entrepreneurial spirit and we embrace challenges with passion

  • We develop and maintain a climate of trust and confidence, always remaining humble

  • We act collectively, and we enjoy sharing all our practices and experiences

  • We are seasoned executives and business leaders, yet we continuously improve our coaching abilities

  • We cherish working in a multi-cultural environment

  • With support of our executive coaches, we can tackle all kinds of management and/or sector-specific issues with CEOs

  • We challenge and assist CEOs, without preconceived idea or personal judgment

  • We help CEOs in carving out their own path while performing their CEO duties

  • We are fully committed to both the CEOs’ personal, as well as his/her company’s success

  • We are demanding on ourselves and our clients, this is our daily routine

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