Conversely to the clichés, the issue of production concerns both industrial and service companies. Optimizing production and quality therefore impacts the entire value chain of the company.


However, because of the daily management of production, business leaders and their teams often struggle to take the necessary steps back to analyse customers’ feedbacks.


However, this optimization process requires significant investments in terms of time and money – in the case of specific hires or purchases of equipment or innovative technologies. These enabling the company to gain value and deliver better service.


Convinced that optimizing production and quality are a source of sustainability for the company, VISCONTI coaches, all former managers, challenge business leaders and their teams on these issues.


Throughout this accompaniment, VISCONTI executive coaches regularly accompany business leaders, enabling them to:

  • Review their production process
  • Redefine their relationships with suppliers
  • Consider integrating certain skills or complementary tools into the company
  • Perpetuate unwritten processes and know-how

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