It is often easier (or even healthier) for a company to rather develop its loyalty strategy than to launch itself, at all costs, in search of new customers. The development of such a strategy (including a particular thought on relational marketing and the value of the client portfolio) constitute therefore an essential and specific line of work for any organization.


Given the interdependence between corporate culture and customer relationship management, the implementation of this approach must, depending on the type of activity, lead the business leader to a thorough thinking on the concepts of: recurrence, upscale or cross-selling.


Throughout the accompaniment provided by VISCONTI executive coaches on customer relationship management issues, the business leader will be able to implement a precise and optimal customer value development plan.


Subsequently, it will be a question of defining the loyalty strategy, the channels linked to relational marketing and, depending on the case, to conduct a reflection on the implementation of a diversification of the offer allowing up-selling or cross-selling in collaboration with the company’s Marketing and Sales departments.

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