The challenge of a high-performance team management continually feeds university research and business-related think tanks because, despite its complexity, people represent the greatest source of change and value creation in the company.


Moreover, the wage bill is often one of the first two cost items. It must therefore be converted into an opportunity for collective success.


Since the success of a business leader’s activities is closely linked to the performance of his management on his teams, the latter must therefore be placed at the heart of his thinking. However, it is still too often relegated to the management of human resources, particularly in its financial dimension.


VISCONTI coaches accompany the business leader on the management of his teams by relying, among other things, on a specific model developed by VISCONTI around the motivation levers of the employees in order to help him to create an optimal HR policy.


As part of this coaching, the manager conducts in-depth discussions on all matters related to team management, in particular:

  • The increase of the performance of his teams
  • The development of a motivating and serene corporate culture
  • The construction of career paths or a minimum of stimulating career development prospects
  • The adaptation of remuneration policies in a sound management approach


The manager, accompanied by a VISCONTI coach, works on the development of skills of the right people within his teams, to motivate them and ensure their cohesion, in order to achieve the strategic objectives set.

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