The leadership style of a business leader has a significant impact on the organization he leads. As Jim Collins points out in his book, “From Performance to Excellence,” the executive’s posture is essential to ensure the sustainability of his success.


He must ensure the development of his leadership in order to adapt, at the same time, his management style and leadership posture by remaining faithful to his personal convictions. His leadership must be refined according to the situations encountered and the people he wants to unite around him.


VISCONTI executive coaches accompany the business leader in the search of this excellence by bringing him to:

  • Become aware of his leadership style
  • Learn about best practices in corporate leadership
  • Implement concrete actions aimed at correcting some bad habits or, conversely, reinforcing some assets


This accompaniment enables the business leader to carry out an in-depth reflection on his personal leadership style. The core idea being that leadership can be acquired, is always perfectible and represents a catalyst or even a condition for the company’s success.

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