Investing human and financial resources in innovation is an integral part of any management’s strategic decisions. Innovation is a transversal subject concerning, just as well, R&D, the product or service proposed by the company, its internal functioning or its management methods.


Innovation is an essential process, the optimization of which is essential in order to perpetuate the differentiation of an organization. To do so, the business leader must consider a number of elements:

  • The optimization of idea generation
  • The reactivity in the implementation of choices (knowing to interrupt some defective projects resulting from initial ideas)
  • The security of projects’ launching, while allowing for risk and margin of error
  • The implementation of a feedback loop for monitoring and learning on the projects launched.


The objective of this accompaniment is to identify the levers necessary for the development of the company through:

  • The innovation of products and services
  • The business process innovation and business support
  • The impact of new technologies


This coaching enables the business leader and his team to set up a project to overhaul the Research and Development activity and/or a managerial evolution favouring innovation and integrating more NICTs as levers of development.

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