Creating a business is the entrepreneurial act par excellence. The popularity of the concept of entrepreneurship is a testament to the personal fulfilment that this challenge embodies. While setting up a business is a stimulating challenge, it often involves several years of intensive commitment or even sacrifices that the business leader has to face with serenity.


At the beginning of each entrepreneurial adventure, an economic and strategic framework of the project is essential through the constitution of a business plan. This document, which is necessary for all business start-ups, aims to meet a twofold objective. On the one hand, it allows the business leader to have a global vision of his future business in the medium term, by evaluating his strategy, needs, costs, return on investment and management. On the other hand, it allows potential investors to accept or not to participate in the project.


The implementation of a business plan is thus an essential step in setting up a business or launching new projects. Its drafting goes through several stages:

  • Carrying out a complete market research study
  • Validation of a strategy
  • An evaluation of the necessary means (human and material)


In addition, it must include three scenarios (a pessimist, a neutral and an optimistic) with an estimate of approximately 5 years so that the manager and his investors are best prepared for any eventuality.


Thanks to their entrepreneurial experiences, VISCONTI coaches accompany the project leader in his adventure because, as a novice or experienced entrepreneur, it is fundamental to bring an external business perspective to his approach. And this is precisely the contribution that a VISCONTI coach offers him, who accompanies him on the framing of his business plan and challenges him in his search for funding and partners.


The objective of this accompaniment is to enable an efficient business creation for a launch and profitability in the best conditions and as soon as possible.

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