For the most part, business leaders and executives show long and rich careers, punctuated by stages linked to the evolution of the companies they integrate or their personal development.


With an average “lifespan” of around five years, thinking about a new professional project is an integral part of every leader’s career management. To do so, before embarking on a new stage, it is necessary to consider their entire personal career.


Through this accompaniment, VISCONTI coaches support leaders in their personal projection and the success of their projects, based on specific methodologies.


Depending on the situation, VISCONTI coaches intervene, both at the request of the manager or at the request of HRD within the framework of outplacement or broader career management programs.


This support enables business leaders and senior managers to:

  • Take a step back from their past experiences
  • Take stock of strengths and weaknesses, in particular by analysing the level of effort and pleasure.
  • Defining a desirable future for their next career step
  • Make this future desirable congruent with the reality of the market and internal or external opportunities

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