Every company needs a clear organization that is adapted to the challenges it faces. Thus, to make it live and develop its activities, the business leader’s goal is to build an effective organization.


The type of organization varies, in most cases, depending on the size of the company. Thus, within human-sized organisations (SMEs) there will be a tendency to see the establishment of a functional organisation, sometimes incomplete, while within large groups, matrix breakdowns are often carried out, crossing functional branches and business lines.


However, regardless of the size of the structure he leads, the business leader may have to consider the following aspects:

  • The relevance of the division of positions
  • The possible lack of clear accountability for certain subjects
  • The internal and external understanding of the organization


According to their specific characteristics, VISCONTI executive coaches challenge the business leader in understanding, improving or even, if necessary, redesigning his organization, thus enabling him to structure or communicate taking into account the strategic decisions taken for his personal optimization.


Throughout this coaching, the business leader will be able to define a working mode tailored to the strategy, to organize his staffing in a clear way and to communicate an organization chart approved by everyone.

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