The coached called in a VISCONTI executive coach to improve the management of his priorities. Various useful support documents were sent to him by his coach before the first workshop so that he could self-evaluate (in the form of a questionnaire).


During the first workshop, the coach carried out a double analysis of his coachee’s agenda and the results of the questionnaire. This analysis showed the manager’s excessive involvement in sales and production execution tasks, the lack of time slots devoted to regalian subjects, and a low frequency of meetings with the Management Committee.


Based on this observation, the executive coach worked with his coachee on the reorganization of his agenda by analysing with him what little added-value tasks to delegate to his employees, looking at how to save half a day of personal space per week and reviewing the system and frequency of his Management Committee. Following this first workshop, the business leader managed to reallocate half a day a week.


The executive coach devoted the second workshop to the management of his coachee’s annual agenda by presenting him the standard agenda, with the obligatory passages of a business manager. In this way, the coachee leader became aware that his agenda had to reflect his long-term strategy.


This coaching made him realize that he did not devote enough time to strategic issues (strategic review, budget building) in his agenda, that his pace had to be included in the agenda, given his influence on that of his employees and the company. The leader understood that, in doing so, he no longer suffered his agenda but was the master of it.


After only two workshops, the coachee freed up 10% of his time and was able to regain control of his long-term planning by defining the key topics to be dealt with each year, setting up the steering bodies, meetings, preparatory work, etc. needed to deal with them.

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