The business leader called on a VISCONTI executive coach to organise the sale of his company. In this way, he was able to easily identify the various potential buyers and conduct a thorough reflection on the disposal process and the levers for improving his company.


After establishing a snapshot of the different potential buyers, the business leader concluded that it was optimal to target foreign buyers adjacent to his business. In addition, after being explained the functioning of the market for financial intermediaries, he decided to use an intermediary when he initially planned to conduct the transaction on his own.


The VISCONTI executive coach also recommended that he activates the maximum number of improvement levers, some of which seemed obvious, such as increasing turnover, maximising cash flow or reducing operational costs, while others were more difficult to identify, such as reducing risks or clarifying management and organisation.


The accompaniment of this business leader allowed a reduction in the risks previously identified: the company’s lack of independence from its business leader, key non-loyalty employees, unsustainable know-how and the sale of the company on the market.

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