Based on their experience as managers, the coaches have founded an innovative methodology enabling them to provide tailor-made support (individual and/or collective) to business leaders regardless of the universe in which they operate (large groups, SMEs, associations, public sector) while adapting to the lifecycle of the structure they lead and their personal trajectory (start an assignment, on the job, seeking to transition).

Business leader starting an assignment

Within the framework of a new position, the VISCONTI coach accompanies the manager beforehand and then during the start-up phase on issues of time management, leadership, turnaround, etc.

Business leaders on the job

The VISCONTI coach accompanies the business leader in the daily exercise of his function by conducting an in-depth reflection on the managerial, strategic and functional stakes (strategic, team performance, commercial development).

Business leader seeking to transition

Depending on his situation, the VISCONTI coach accompanies the business leader in his career development (within or outside the company) by addressing issues related to his or her professional projection, career path and so on.

The main part of the VISCONTI programme is oriented towards an individual approach. Nevertheless, mixed approaches, combining personalised and collective accompaniment, are proposed in the form of training seminars or programmes deployed with large groups. To meet the specific needs of managers, VISCONTI is positioned at the crossroads of three professions: coaching, consulting and training.


The peer-to-peer approach and relationship between the coach and his coachee is similar to that of a sports coach with a high performance athlete. He challenges him to ask the right questions and find answers with a benevolent and experienced eye.


The coach, a former manager, brings to his coachee his experience and methodologies developed by VISCONTI. He and his coach may co-produce, on an ad hoc basis, documents, action plans or even lead team meetings if needed.


The day-to-day performance of his duties may require the executive to upgrade his skills on specific topics. In this case, the coach can adopt a trainer posture and possibly call on other VISCONTI coaches to ensure that his coachee quickly and efficiently acquires the expertise he needs to develop his performance.

A must for the business leader?

Eric Schmidt, CEO of GOOGLE from 2001 to 2011, explains how advantageous it is for a business leader to have a sparring partner. Getting support from a sparring partner is “the most valuable advice” that they could receive in their professional lives.

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