Who are these seminars and training courses for?

VISCONTI coaches, all former executives, have been organising seminars and training sessions for business leaders and management teams since 2010. These events are intended for Management Committees, Executive Committees (extended or not), Strategic Committees, business leaders, managers and high-potential candidates.


Which topics are discussed?

The themes of these seminars are similar to those covered during our individual accompaniments sessions. To find out more about them, please visit the page named “Accompanying business leaders on the job”.


Their contents, prepared jointly by a team of coaches, vary according to each client’s individual expectations.

In which formats?

In inter or intra-company, these seminars and trainings can take the form of a collective activity followed by an individual accompaniment (through workshops) to further personalize the training and make it more effective to each participant.


The duration of these seminars and trainings varies according to clients’ needs from a one-day session to multiannual programmes.



  • Legitimacy of our coaches: they are both former business leaders and executive coaches
  • Our mode of intervention: each seminar and training is led by two VISCONTI coaches, which encourage the sharing of in-depth experience and aim to optimize the participation of each attendee
  • Our international dimension: we operate in France and abroad in multilingual (French, English and German)
  • The availability of our premises: we regularly organise seminars in our Parisian premises

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