The business leaders accompaniment provided by VISCONTI executive coaches covers all the subjects to which a business leader is confronted with throughout his career: mastering his position, developing the turnover of his organization, investment management, developing an entrepreneurial culture and his career development.


Thanks to their experience and methodology, VISCONTI executive coaches, accompany business leaders on these themes in a relationship of equals to make them develop their business performance.

When a business leader has recourse to accompaniment for the management of his business, he is confronted by specific issues, related to the industry or to the situation of his organisation.


Although the accompaniment immediately addresses these issues as a function of their urgency, we also work from the start on general mastery of the management of the business by the business leader. If the latter is taking up a position, we have developed a specific approach for this particular context. If he is in a crisis period, we will help him to turn around the situation and indeed support him in the recovery operation.


In all cases, the start of the accompaniment is arranged around the business leader’s control of his time, strategy and management tools.

Whether the business leader is at the head of a large group, a VSE or an association, his/her objective is the growth or at least, the success of his/her organisation.


Through accompaniment, we want to give back to business leaders the energy and good marketing and commercial practices to develop their business.

Without any colleague to manage, the business leader does not exist. Management is thus at the heart of the latter’s job.


To give life to his/her organisation and develop its activities, he/she must build an effective organisation, based on motivated teams. Moreover, his/her leadership must be refined depending on the situations encountered and the people that he/she wants to combine around him/her.


VISCONTI, through the experience of its executive coaches, who have occupied management positions, and through its constant study of the best human practices in organisations, supports business leaders in their managerial challenges.

To achieve these strategic objectives, the business leader must work on the allocation of the necessary investments. Investment can come in a number of different forms: human capability, production and quality capability, technological innovations and safeguarding knowledge.


We work with the business leader so that he/she takes into consideration all the investment issues and makes the best operational choices.

In his activities the business leader is often led to take an entrepreneurial posture:

  • Either because he is founding a business
  • Or because he is buying or merging activities
  • Or because his business is being transformed and requires changes


It is this regular confrontation with change, with construction from nothing or from what exists that has made the term “intrapreneuriat” popular in organisations and led to the development of “entreprenariat” masters in colleges.


VISCONTI supports business leaders in their issues as entrepreneurs, notably by supporting them in scoping and launching their project, and in the related organisation and capitalist challenges.

During the life cycle of the business and the business leader’s own career, this will develop.


The business leader can be lead to sell his business if he is the owner, or to change position if he is in a large organisation, for example. VISCONTI supports business leaders and managers through all the stages of their career development.

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