• Accompanying business leaders while taking up a position

The first days in starting an assignment are crucial for the entire business which must face up changes, often in a difficult context, and for the business leader who must show adaptability.


The challenges, notably emotional, of starting up an assignment are important because the business leader is often torn between two contradictory sentiments:

  • Pride in taking up a new management position
  • Stress as a consequence of not feeling up to the challenge


Regarding his status within the company, the business leader must be exemplary, show a vision and display confidence as of its integration. Three key elements impact the success of the start of an assignment:

  • His communication style
  • His decision-making processes
  • His leadership style


These dimensions are embraced by VISCONTI coaches, all former business leaders, who have been training business leaders taking up their positions in companies of all sizes and sectors since 2010.

What is VISCONTI 100-day coaching for?


The objectives of this accompaniment aim at enabling business leaders to:

  • Join the company in a sustainable way
  • Assert his leadership through the alignment of his postures and beliefs
  • Build a reliable and efficient team to improve his collective performance


To sum up, VISCONTI 100-day coaching aim at enabling business leaders to use the right tools to taking up a position in an efficient way. On the company-side, this accompaniment enables the successful integration of the new comer through a regular follow-up and an external training from a VISCONTI coach.


Who VISCONTI 100-day coaching targeted at ?


The 100-day coaching is targeted at all companies eager to optimize the integration of a key element in their organization.

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