Accompanying business leaders seeking to transition

This accompaniment aims to help the business leader in his individual career path. More precisely, it is about accompanying him in the transformation of his professional activity not of his company’s.


This offer is not contradictory with the business accompaniment: it complements it. At any moment, the business leader can be confronted with a new, desired or unexpected personal professional situation.


What is the accompaniment of leaders seeking to transition for?

The objective is to allow a leader to start from A point, his current situation, to reach at B point, his desired future situation.


VISCONTI executive coaches accompany the business leader in this journey allowing him to draw his own trajectory, and to (re)define his next professional stage.


Who is the accompaniment of leaders seeking to transition targeted at?

This accompaniment is targeted at every business leader facing changing situations, regardless the type of company they are leading.

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