Success is never definitive and its never-ending quest is what makes the job of a leader so exciting, difficult, exhilarating and sometimes discouraging. This quest takes us into unknown territories, on paths that seem perilous to us and on which we walk alone.

So, walking side by side allows to dare new paths, to better stay on course, to get out of ruts faster, to point out the safe climbing route on a cliff, to cross a torrent, or simply to progress faster.


Laurent Dahmani, Our Partner


12 years of experience as a manager


Anglais, Français


Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bretagne, Grenoble, Caen, Montpellier

As an experienced executive, Laurent has been confronted with a variety of situations throughout his career. He now puts the experience, hindsight and humility he has acquired at the service of his peers, whom he accompanies with benevolence and independence of mind.

He finds pleasure in sharing and thinking with 4 hemispheres, when the functioning is fluid and is concretized in actions and decisions. The objective remains to enable the executive to move forward, to move forward more quickly, to move forward more serenely.  

He appreciates this job, one of the particularities of which is to capitalize on all his professional experience :

– 4 mandates in board of directors

– More than ten years of General Management, in ETI (Afnor, LNE) and in an international subsidiary of a large group (BureauVeritas) where his role is to turn around or revitalize and release the potential, which is often limited by the corporate culture.

– Start-up experiences : he founded 3 start-ups between 2000 and 2010 : two in the Internet sector and one in innovative household appliances.

– 8 years in consulting (Big 4). Senior Manager in charge of the automotive supply chain segment at Arthur Andersen, where he learned and put into practice the job and the knowledge of a consultant, including change management.

– The automotive industry, in the field of innovation, design, industrialization and production, where he manages important multi-site and international projects.

Passionate about rowing, he practices this sport assiduously and is involved in the training of neophytes. He appreciates its philosophy: technique and strength training improve individual strength, but power and speed come from the crew’s good synchronization. Only this fragile alignment, renewed with each stroke, allows the forces to add up without neutralizing each other.

Laurent is a graduate of the Ecole Centrale Paris and holds the “Administrateur de société” certificate from SciencesPo-IFA.

Groupe AFNOR

Deputy General Director of Afnor Certification, Executive Committee member.

Laboratoire National d’Essai et de Métrologie

Director of the certification branch, and of the GMED, Executive Committee member.

Groupe BureauVeritas

General Director of the English Certification subsidiary, member of the Executive Committee of BV-UK.
World Technical Director of the certification branch.

SNECI (consulting)

Partner, Director of the consulting activity, Partner of the Slovakian subsidiary, Executive Committee member.

Arthur Andersen et PwC

Senior Manager, in charge of the automotive supply chain segment.

Valeo et Sommer Allibert

Project management for design, product industrialization and production ramp-up.


8 years Founding Director ADEGED (Internet).
2 years Founding Director Aquilant Technologie (Internet & hardware).
2 years Founding Director Adelios (Innovative white goods).

4 board of directors and supervisory board memberships

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