Throughout a career, there are often situations where decisions are left to the individual.
Having played competitive tennis, I have acquired the notion of making quick and decisive choices.
These situations have clearly shown how useful it is to discuss and evaluate cases with one's coach in order to make accurate and appropriate decisions.

"A great coach takes you to a place where you no longer need him (her)" André Agassi


Jens Julius Krienen, Our Partner


9 years of experience as a manager


German, French, English


Munich, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Paris

With more than 30 years of experience in the european retail sector and 9 years as a managing director, Jens wants to share his knowledge, professional experience and entrepreneurial know-how with his peers.

Jens joins MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group, the European retail leader in Consumer Electronics, based in Germany after his Master.  He is responsible for the strategic procurement at Media Saturn France and then took over the management of a large scale distribution store as well as  the Paris region as Regional Director. Back in Germany he is responsible for the strategic coordination and management of the 14 countries of the Media Saturn International Group. This is where he took his first steps in consulting and coaching.

In 2017 Jens joins the senior management of Screwfix Germany – Kingfisher plc as COO.  He develops and manages the omnichannel distribution. In 2018 he takes over the position of CEO Germany and is responsible for the development and integration of the Screwfix brand in the European market.

Born in Germany, Jens has developed his multicultural thinking and communication through his various stations in the US, UK and France.

Leading, developing and driving to the highest level of performance has become a passion for Jens, especially since he is certified from Temple Fay Institute for Academics / Philadelphia and the IAHP (Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential).

 “We have just seen the brain grows by use and that the more you use it, the better it will function” Glenn Doman

JJK Business Consulting & Handelsagentur

Jens founded JJK Business Consulting & Handelsagentur and currently holds the position of CEO.

Screwfix Germany – Kingfisher plc

3 years experience at Screwfix Germany - Kingfisher plc / DIY & Branch Tools.
During these three years Jens was COO and at the same time CEO for these two years.

MediaMarktSaturn Ratail Group / part of Ceconomy (ex-Metro Group)

21 years of experience at Media Saturn / Consumer Electronics Branch during which Jens held various positions:
- Senior Manager International
- Head of International Development
- Purchasing Director
- Store Managing Director and Regional Director Paris/IDF
- Productmanager PEM / GEM.

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