« By experience, I know that as a leader, you are often confronted to your doubts, or worse, to your convictions. Since the day I got someone sincere and competent by my side, to address these doubts and challenge these convictions, I improved my efficiency, and therefore, my performance. From now on, I want to be this someone for my peers. »


Christophe ISAAC CASTIAU, Our Partner


19 years of experience as an executive


French, English, Spanish, Dutch


Lille, Reims, Brussels, Liège, Antwerp, Paris, Luxembourg

Humanist at heart, Christophe was lucky enough to work and live in many different countries throughout his professional path.  In line with his background of Management Engineer, he collected his experience as executive leader in the building industry, inside famous groups such as Schindler, Kone or Automatic Systems, whose he becomes CEO in 2018.

His main areas of expertise include the change management, the definition and execution of a strategy, the business development and the operational excellence, plus the important topic of the relations with social partners.  His on-the-field practices, as well as a few training programs at the IMD and at the INSEAD, teach him how crucial it is to permanently keep “the head in the stars and the feet down on earth”.

Christophe is an entrepreneur too.  In 2009, he creates his first company, with the object to help Belgian and French SMEs to expand on the Russian market, then a second one some years later, as an independent board member.

Over time, he understands better and better that as a manager, he is most of all passionate at supporting others in their growth and success.  So, why not to make it his very job ?

Therefore, Christophe decides to join Visconti, attracted by their quality and founding principles.  “My goal is simple: that every leader with whom I am working gets from our collaboration, value and pleasure”.

Schindler, 15 years

Sales Engineer
SAP Project Manager
Regional Director Mediterranea
Chief Operations Officer Belgium-Luxembourg

Kone, 6 years

Director Modernisation and Automatic Doors
Managing Director Africa-Balkans-C.I.S.

Automatic Systems, 2 years

Chief Executive Officer

Sauermann, 2 years

Vice-President EMEA & General Manager France

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