Dear CEOs, difficult to train yourself…what if you started to learn?

There is no CEO or Managing Director diploma, the skills required to perform these duties are continuously learned. Every manager


The distinctiveness of VISCONTI approach

  Transcript of the video “The distinctiveness of VISCONTI approach ? A group of coaches, all business leaders, from SMEs

Business entrepreneurs accompaniment by VISCONTI

  Transcript “Entrepreneurs, want to:  Create your company? Shape your business model? Build a solid business plan? VISCONTI coaches support

Business leaders accompaniment by VISCONTI 2

  Transcript “Business leaders, want to:  Signing new clients? Updating gouvernance and capital? Developing customer value? VISCONTI coaches support you

Business leaders accompaniment by VISCONTI 1

  Transcript “Business leaders, want to:  Optimise your production? Expand your business abroad? Develop innovation in your organisation? VISCONTI coaches

VISCONTI presentation in video

  Transcript “VISCONTI? 40 executive coaches all from SMEs or large international groups More than 1,000 coaching missions completed A


Executives: is your job at risk?

We live in a world where company performance is now measured continually and decisions are often driven by short term


With Wisdom and Expertise – The Advisory Board

THE IMPORTANCE OF ADVISORY BOARDS FOR SMEs Many Owners or CEOs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) understand being submerged


Private Equity and the company: a winning choregraphy

These are exciting times for entrepreneurs and Private Equity teams but how do you master the challenges of critical mass


Is Your Website Adding Its Fullest Value?

Asking if you have a website is no longer a necessary question for most companies today. The internet dominates our


Does a company really need a CEO?

If a CEO disappears from his company for three months, a year or forever, what will happen? This is the


How to develop an efficient team?

A profitability deposit for the leader In management precepts today, the “team” notion is overused. It is necessary to have


Why branding impacts a company’s success?

The brand – a company asset Today, it is very complex, even for a company that has developed an ultra-innovative


30/04/15 – LAUSANNE – Panel Discussion: Turning global trends into opportunities

  The playing field in which companies operate is changing. So too are the players, their roles, and even the


Why mastering digital is so important for the business leader?

The internet, a tool for business There are times with the internet when the line between love and hate wears


Leaders, are you a risk for your company?

Bias and risks tied to the director When we ask directors this question, it’s usually followed by a significant silence


How to develop leaders’ talents?

The unique character of your employees After competency management and focus on high potentials, talent has, over the past few


What really promotes growth in a company and makes it long-lasting?

Perhaps your company is showing remarkable growth. As the director, you are a key factor in maintaining this growth over


How can a company get through a crisis?

Turnaround plans or how to redesign the future The market collapses, a major customer disappears… the company is in crisis.


The business leader’s time

An asset for the company Among the biggest challenges facing business leaders, as identified by VISCONTI, the lack of availability

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