Examples of coaching at mid-caps companies

The manager of a family owned business operating in the furniture sector asked support by a VISCONTI coach to finance the purchase of all the remaining shares of the company without personal financial contribution. At the time, he was a minority shareholder and owned 42% of the company’s capital. The remainder was divided among different members of his family .


Accompanied by a VISCONTI executive coach, he chose to finance his capital raise via an Owner Buy Out  (OBO) which enabled him to increase sales (+40% in two years), improve gross margins by 5%, optimise overheads, reduce working capital and thus increase the company operating profit, improve cash flow and guarantee repayment of the debt.

We are supporting a fast growing Fintech company.. This support is focusing on the performance of all the Board members, namely to answer the following questions:


  • Are the members of Board in the right place?
  • Is the process of preparing, conducting and following up on actions the most efficient ?
  • How are the important decisions taken?
  • What is the level of cohesion of all the Board members? 


In a short period of time (6 months), the coaching support produced the expected results to a point that their Board is probably one of the most efficient of its kind.

In order to ensure the sustainability and growth of his organisation, a manager, founder of an market research firm, asked a coaching support to broaden his offer and target clients. Indeed, the relevance of the firm’s sectoral and territorial research studies could lead its clients to improve their business growth.


As part of this support, the VISCONTI partner supported the manager to work on his offer, identifying targets, drawing up a prospecting plan, redefining his mission, drafting a renewed business plan, identifying the necessary recruitments while ensuring a follow-up of each stage of the implementation plan.


The coach support enabled the manager to define a new direction and thus transformation his company into a consulting firm. In 18 months, more than two thirds of the company revenue came from consulting sales, leading to a significant increase in revenue and the addition of large new clients.

We supported a company that ranked 5 in the notary market in 2013 with sales of €35 million to become number 1 in 2019 with sales of €70 million). The coach was commissioned in 2013 to challenge the managing partners to develop profitable growth.


The mission consisted in coaching the founder and the 6 other managing partners in order to..:


  • Build a growth plan
  • To help the managing partners progress in their operational management skills (time management, etc.)
  • Reorganize their structure 
  • Design and develop a regional network of affiliates
  • Communicating Growth
  • Challenging the execution of the growth plan
  • Zoom in on the commercial function: KPIs, commercial kit, etc.
  • Carry out group coaching sessions on time management and management
  • Developing new activities (branches)
  • International development


Globally, the role of the coach, over a 7-year coaching period, is to challenge the managers so that “they don’t play small arm”.

The results are as follows:


  • Passage of the company from the position of n°5 on its market to the position of n°1.
  • Regional Deployment
  • Beginning of international deployment, via partnerships and foreign customers

We accompanied the founder and the CMO of a software company for :


  • Build a strategy and a growth plan
  • Develop sales and after-sales techniques (customer success)
  • Raising funds
  • Improving supply
  • Organize the company: increase in power of key people, release of low performers, implementation of a codir
  • Find a customer
  • Manage business and managerial crises

Results :


  • Turnover x 1.8 / year
  • Renewed and high-performance team
  • Stabilized and attractive offer
  • Funds in the process of being raised from a big business angel
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