Example of coaching at large companies

We supported a business unit manager of an industrial company specialized in the nutrition field (total turnover of €1.2 billion).


We helped the manager on the following areas :


  • Preparation and facilitation of the Division’s half-yearly seminars (25 people)
  • Global strategy and declination for each business unit  
  • Communication and delegation style of the leader
  • General organization of the Division
  • Business coaching of some business unit managers


This €400 million Division had double-digit growth and accounted for half of the Group’s value.

We coached 10 members of an enlarged Executive Committee at a leading energy supplier.


Our support consisted in:


  • Developing awareness of the individual talents composing the Committee  
  • Searching for individual career development scenarios shared, understood and honestly communicated among the team
  • Learning a number of management best practices to improve the leaders’ skills  


This team as well as one to one coaching helped developing careers trajectories and engagement for everyone.

We coached the managing director in charge of a fast-growing global practice at a temporary work service provider.


We jointly produced :


  • The strategic positioning of the business unit and its offer to the market
  • The mobilization of the Group Management Committee around common strategic goals 
  • The mobilization of the Country Management Committees for the deployment of the offer
  • The development of managerial practices adapted to the management of the business within every country


The coached executive perfectly executed her strategy and was promoted CEO of an important business unit within the Group.

We coached an executive leader and his management team at a leading global chemical company. 


Our support consisted in :


  • Building the company vision for the next 10 years 
  • Translating the vision into a strategy for the next 5 years plus the operational roadmap to work on over the next 24 months in order to achieve the 5 years goals  
  • Communicating the strategy and facilitating its ownership by each country teams 
  • Leading the reorganization in order to liberate the teams’ energies within every country and improve the overall business performance

A manager asked support to a VISCONTI coach to improve his priority list of tasks. Various tools were provided to him by his coach before the first workshop so that he could assess himself.


The coach, together with the coachee, conducted an analysis of the manager’s agenda and the results of a questionnaire. This analysis showed that the manager was too involved in sales and production execution tasks, that there was a lack of time slots devoted to regalian subjects and that his board of management met infrequently.


This coaching sequence made the manager aware that he was undergoing his agenda rather than controlling it, that he did not devote enough time to important and non-urgent subjects (strategy, medium-term projects).


In fact, the weekly, monthly and annual agenda of the coached leader was reconstructed as follows:


  • Delegation of tasks with low added value to his employees
  • Sanctuarization of two half-days for strategic thinking per week
  • Complete review of the process and frequency of Executive Committee meetings
  • Verification that, at all times, the agenda reflected the execution of the strategy

Since he took up his position, we have been supporting a managing director of a Division(1,500 employees) of a Tier 1 supplier in the aeronautics industry.


We are working on the following areas:


  • Leadership and management practices
  • Reorganization of the Division
  • Cohesion and development of the performance of his Management Committee
  • Definition and implementation of strategic projects


The actual taking up of the new position consisted of changing most members that composed the Management Committee, adjusting the strategy, improving the communication as well as the delegation of authority by the manager.

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