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Jean-Christophe HOFF


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14 years of experience as a business leader



During his career as director of ski resorts (Alpe d’Huez), Jean-Christophe was in regular contact with exceptional champions and discovered the professionalism of their staff. Focusing on this successfulness, he decided to pass on this quest for excellence to business leaders, implementing the idea of a sports coach who challenges very high-performance athletes.

Today, Jean-Christophe accompanies leaders with whom he shares a mutual passion for entrepreneurship. The relationship that he forges, which is simple, direct and well-meaning, focuses on optimizing their business performance based on themes such as strategy, marketing, sales and management. Like Luc Alphand, at the start of a race, our mutual goal is an ambitious one: get on the right track and reach for the gold medal!

Business leaders appreciate this work which helps them take a step back before thinking and which boosts them to move forward with their short-term plan of action. By challenging them in their role as business leader helps them rethink and refocus on their high added-value responsibilities and leads them to quickly achieve significant operational results. This cooperation galvanizes them and gives new meaning to their commitment.

Together, we are all part of the same big team and we share great success stories.

Sharing, boldness and pleasure are also key values for the VISCONTI team, leader in offering business leaders coaching by leaders and VISCONTI’s ambition is to become the preferred partner of European business leaders.

Jean-Christophe graduated from the ENSAM as an engineer and is certified as a professional coach by the Grenoble Ecole Management.

Track record

  • SATA Alpe Huez

    4 years of experience at SATA Alpe Huez, Jean-Christophe held the position of Managing Director

  • Régie Remontées Mécaniques Montgenèvre

    10 years of experience at la Régie Remontées Mécaniques Montgenèvre, Jean-Christophe held the position of Managing Director

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