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Jean-Baptiste LENDRIN


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15 years of experience as a business leader



Before becoming a coach, Jean-Baptiste worked for over 15 years in a variety of business sectors, implementing change programmes.

He held different executive positions, in major French companies, with roles focusing on international development (Asia, Latin America and the United States) and on acquisitions in telecommunications and services industry sectors. He was in charge of strategic partnership integration and development projects in particular.

A born entrepreneur and passionate about business, he founded a consulting firm that accompanied executive and operational managements which were experiencing change and development-related challenges.

This led him to work, predominantly, in high-growth areas in Asia (Indonesia, China, Malaysia) and in Africa (Angola, Nigeria, Algeria) and in sectors as diverse as the oil and gas industry, electronics, cosmetics and the agri-food business.
At the same time, he continued to focus on the growth and development of his own company in France and on its international positioning.

Jean-Baptiste’s international profile and twofold experience as business leader and consultant enable him to tailor coaching for leaders and senior executives in countless fields and for all types of businesses.

He works, in particular, with business leaders of major companies when they take up their appointment and when they are in the process of defining their strategy. He also mentors leaders of mid-sized businesses in setting out and implementing their roadmap.

Jean-Baptiste also runs leadership and management workshops.

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