Why joining VISCONTI ?

Becoming a VISCONTI executive coach is joining the entrepreneurial adventure of a community made up of about thirty executive coaches based in Europe and seduced by its entrepreneurial model and its vision of executive coaching.

To join VISCONTI is:

  • To evolve within a community of experienced executive coaches showing diverse and strong experiences

  • To combine the autonomy of a partnership contract with the cohesion of a dynamic community

  • To rely on a central team that develops the influence of VISCONTI through notably the creation of new tools

  • To learn a new job in depth through a training of our approach within the VISCONTI School of Coaching

  • To engage in a demanding, visionary and international organization

How to become a VISCONTI executive coach?

VISCONTI co-opts business leaders selected for their ability to listen to and to coach business leaders in three dimensions: leadership, management and business.


Upon receipt of your application, we will invite you to one of our breakfasts during which our approach and business model will be presented to you. These meetings are held regularly in our Parisian offices, in the provinces (Lyon, Aix-en-Provence) or in Europe (Switzerland, Belgium and Germany).


Following to the breakfast and our mutual agreement, the co-optation process can start. It consists of at least three interviews, each conducted by an experienced executive coach covering the following themes:

  • Interview about the position of an executive coach
  • Interview related to the business development of coach
  • Interview related to the motivation and ability to conduct a coaching workshop


Prior to these interviews, a document dealing with VISCONTI and the position of executive coach is provided to the candidate allowing him to feed his thinking.


Motivation, the ability to challenge business leaders as well as the personality and adherence to VISCONTI values and business model constitute fundamental criteria that we systematically look for when meeting applicants.

Our selection criteria when recruiting coaches

We are looking for men and women who run or have run a business, profit centre or para-public or public organization. This experience gives them a real legitimacy to coach business leaders regardless their fields or the issues they encounter.


The main qualities we value when recruiting coaches:

Human qualities

To join VISCONTI, the executive coach must concur with a vision of success combining both humanism and performance. The executive coach must show empathy and respect without ever making a judgement of value towards his coachees.


Internally, the executive coach must have a great sense of team spirit suitable with our collective vision of development as VISCONTI is not a group of independent freelancers.

Functional adaptability

To be able to join our community, an executive coach must necessarily have been Managing Director (or equivalent) of a company or entity of a large group and master the key functions: sales, marketing, finance, human resources, etc..


We are looking for business leaders or former business leaders showing generalist profiles who can accompany any type of manager, regardless their sector, the size of their structure (from small and medium-sized companies to large groups) and their location (France and international).

Service minded

Given his role – coaching business leaders on a daily basis in the performance of their duties – the executive coach must show a strong sense of service: be available for all questions, listen rather than hear, be discreet, formalize, document and act quickly.


The VISCONTI executive coach, although accompanied internally, manages his own client portfolio. As the single interlocutor of his coachees, the executive coach must therefore demonstrate autonomy and maturity. He’s an entrepreneur.

Training of our executive coaches

In order to reinforce the skills resulting from their own professional career and to develop their skills in this new profession of executive coach, business leaders coaches who join VISCONTI attend an initial training, lasting one year with a dense period of three months at the beginning, ensured by the VISCONTI School of Coaching.

Module 1

Half day of individual training with an experienced executive coach.


Theme: business development

Module 2

5 days of collective training, spread over 2 weeks with experienced executive coaches and external lecturers.


Topics (elementary level): Coaching position, communication and marketing

Module 3

5 days of collective training, spread over 2 weeks with experienced executive coaches.


Topics (higher level): mastery of reference bases

Between the 1st and the 2nd module: field practice with the support of an experienced executive coach, assimilation of VISCONTI methods (lasting approx. 4 weeks).


Between the 2nd and the 3rd module: field practice with the support of an experienced managerial coach, assimilation of VISCONTI methods (lasting approx.. 5 to 6 weeks).


The total training cycle lasts 15 days, including 10.5 days of initial training and 4.5 days of continuous training. Additional optional training courses are also available (TMA, Aragorn…).


The initial training is essential as it allows the future executive coach to learn his new profession while being supervised by a referent experienced coach. It combines, on average, 50% of theory (individual work, group work, reading reference books) and 50% of practical cases (role-playing and exchange games).


At the end of this training, the executive coaches receive a formal individual feedback. The diploma from the VISCONTI School of Coaching (recognized as a training institution) is awarded to the trained coaches at the end of the 12-month cycle.


After the initial training, all VISCONTI executive coaches receive, on average once a month, a day dedicated to their continuing training. This is ensured by experienced executive coaches with the methodological support of VISCONTI Lab (the R&D entity) which takes place during the monthly Team Day and the two semester seminars.

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