Leaders accompaniment


VISCONTI’s executive coaches develop their clients’ leadership, management and business talents.


On the opposite side, a comparison between an accompanied CEO (blue) and an unaccompanied CEO (red).

Below is an extract of the various issues addressed during the leadership, management and business accompaniment sessions:

Improvements of his leader posture

  • Reconciliation of the strategy and agenda

  • Self-knowledge (individual assessments on the skills and motivations)

  • Leadership posture (specific assessment on leadership)

  • Personal projection within the company (hierarchy, work interests, sense)

  • Ability to take risks and initiatives

  • To trust and be trusted

  • Personal and professional development

  • Crisis Management

  • Management of falling or rising pressure

Improvements in his management practices

  • Piloting instances (Board of Directors, Executive committee, others)

  • Meeting management

  • Decision making

  • Recruitments and taking office

  • Key contributors management (motivation, goal setting, delegation, control)

  • High potentials management

  • Management of wanted and sudden departures

  • Change management

  • Mobilization of all the company’s contributors

Business Development

  • Business strategy

  • Organization (functional, matrix, project mode)

  • Group relations (communication, reporting, budgeting, transversal projects)

  • Managing complex projects

  • Major transformation management (hypergrowth, purchase and management of the merger, turnaround, culture change, international acculturation)

  • Innovation management

Executive Committee accompaniment


Executive commitee accompaniment develops group cohesion and both good individual and collective practices. This type of accompaniment can be combine, if punctual, with an individual accompaniment of the CEO.

« must have » themes of an Executive Committee accompaniment

  • Cohesion of the Executive Committee

  • Practices of the management committee

  • Strategy

  • Reconciliation strategy and agenda

  • Time management

  • Leadership

  • Managerial practices

  • Motivation

  • Organization and Governance

« nice to have » themes of an Executive Committee accompaniment

  • Innovation

  • Excellence/ Quality

  • Customer relationship / all sellers relation

  • Transverse Project Management

  • Risk taking

  • Talent management

  • Diversity

  • Cultural and intercultural transformation

  • Internal and external communication

Future leaders development


VISCONTI accompanies on demand, groups of future leaders within the same company.


This type of accompaniment can combine several accompaniment formats, depending on the situation: individual accompaniment, personal development, collective accompaniment, specific trainings, co-development and inspiring events.


The aim of this kind of accompaniment is to reveal talents and to push forward any leader on each of the three leaders’ dimensions: leadership, management and business.



Co-development consists in collectively looking for a solution to an challenge shared by of one or several leaders of the co-development group.


VISCONTI gathers exclusively leaders from all sectors around the theme of digital revolution. This co-development format called “Mastermind” combine collective debates, intervention of practitioners, management and digital sectors experts, individual accompaniments and cross-accompaniment between leaders.




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