The accompaniment of business leaders seeking transition by VISCONTI

This partnership aims at supporting business leaders in their individual career path. More precisely, it is about accompanying business leaders in their own transformation.


This accompaniment is not in conflict with the on the job business accompaniment. It is complementary so that the business leader can, at any tim, face a desired or undesired career change.

The 3 approaches developed by VISCONTI to support business leaders at every stage of their career

Why accompaniment of business leaders seeking to transition?


The aim is to enable business leaders to reach a point B, his/her desired situation, from a point A, his/her actual situation.


VISCONTI coaches challenge business leaders in that objective enabling them to draw their trajectories and to shape or reshape their next professional project/accomplishment.



Who is this accompaniment targeted at?


This accompaniment is targeted at every business leader, regardless of their sector or status, facing career change decisions emanating from themselves or a third-party.



The accompaniment of business leaders during the first 100 days on their new assignment

The first 100 days VISCONTI program aims at accompanying business leaders as they start their new assignment. It enables, both the company and the business leader, to take office in optimum conditions. This accompaniment preserves the leader’s assets while providing a positive impact on the company.



What is the accompaniment during the first 100 days of an assignment for?


The first 100 days coaching enables a business leader to use the appropriate tools to start his/her new assignment successfully. It permits the company to ensure the success of the business leader’s induction through the implementation of an external follow-up led by VISCONTI coaches.



Who is this accompaniment targeted at?


This accompaniment is targeted at every company eager to optimise the induction of key leaders into their organisation.






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