VISCONTI, member of Croissance Plus

Hubert Reynier, CEO of VISCONTI and former CEO of CroissancePlus, is now a member of the Management Board at CroissancePlus and head of the International Commission.

CroissancePlus is a professional network of entrepreneurs, bringing together the leaders of businesses enjoying high growth, and their partners.

Its members are located all across France and work in every sector of the economy.

Together at CroissancePlus, these business leaders work to impose a new entrepreneurial model, support business creation and jobs and aim to share the fruits of growth.

VISCONTI, partner with réseau ENTREPRENDRE

VISCONTI is partner with Réseau Entreprendre, which main mission is to support new entrepreneurs.

Through Réseau Entreprendre’s growth support and funding program, VISCONTI’s coachs conduct the “Be and act as a growing business leader” seminars.


Advancity has developed a support service offer for SMBs from the region of Paris related to sustainable urban innovation projects.

Funding being a major challenge for start-ups and SMBs looking for growth, Advancity has launched, since late April, its label “advancity® innovative company” in order to support their successive fundraisers.

In this context, VISCONTI has been chosen to accompany the leaders of those innovatives companies to help them with their communication and fundraisers.

VISCONTI, partner with Pôle PEGASE

Pôle Pégase’s vocation is to support innovation and growth in the aviation industry, in particular by stimulating exploration of non-traditional markets.

VISCONTI accompanies many businesses supported by Pôle Pégase.

VISCONTI, member of Belgium’s Commerce and Industry Chamber

Through its Associated Partner Olivier GUYOT, VISCONTI is a member of Belgium’s Commerce and Industry Chamber.

Belgium’s Commerce and Industry Chamber accompanies businesses in their exportation, implementation and development of projects in Belgium by means of three missions:

  • A Franco-Belgian business network animation
  • The business development of exports companies
  • Rental of offices and meeting rooms

VISCONTI, partner of Campus Des Dirigeants

Campus des dirigeants offers the collective 12 months program “Be and act as a leader” . This course addresses Leaders in charge or taking office.

This partnership was initiated by Hubert Reynier, Founder and Chairman of VISCONTI and Co-Founder of Campus des Dirigeants with Bruno Tesson, ex-CEO of Réseau Entreprendre.

It extends to the following two domains: coaching of leaders from the Campus and cross-R&D on the trade of leadership.

VISCONTI, partner of MEILLEURES ENTREPRISES has developed the « Happy » integrative approach which offers an analysis of the motivation and engagement at work of collaborators, interns and candidates.

By its knowledge of the leadership trade, VISCONTI has co-developed the « HappyLeaders » project with, aimed at leaders and executives.



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