VISCONTI’s role is to act as a vital partner for leaders.
Whatever the sector of activity and the situation of their structures (start-up, growth, decline), business leaders can rely on the experience of VISCONTI partners, leaders and former leaders of organisations themselves.

Shall we need to be acompanied?


All organisations, however different they are in terms of strategy, operating or sector, have one thing in common: the business leader remains the key decision-making and action point.



He/She is often subject to specific challenges that may have a strong impact on the managed structure he/she manages: solitude, biases, conflicts of interests, availability and motivation along with competence.


This, because the business leader is the one who must have the broadest vision with the aim of interacting with all functional leaders of his organisation. To this end, and through the exemplarity required of his position, the business leader’s profession requires constant improvement.

Based on these facts, VISCONTI executive coaches interact with the business leader just like a sports coach does with top athletes, by challenging him/her on his/her trade while acknowledging that the leader is free to do whatever he/she feels doing.

Leaders challenging leaders


The unique VISCONTI value proposition lies in the experience of its coaches who are or have been business leaders in organisations of all sizes and sectors.


They share their experience and passion with their clients without ever giving lessons, as if they were sparring partners.


Passionate about their position, VISCONTI executive coaches have the willingness to share their knowledge and experience. Sharing being one of VISCONTI core corporate values.

European leadership of business leaders’ accompaniment

VISCONTI’s ambition is to become the French and European leader for business accompaniment for leaders by leaders.


This vision meets two challenges:

  • A development on the European continent, by Europeans, of a trade already deeply-rooted in English-speaking countries
  • An efficient support to our leader clients who are not only looking to expand on the national market, but also have European and international ambitions


We measure this leadership according to three main indicators:

  • The level of quality for VISCONTI’s executive coaches and methodologies
  • The market share
  • The company size


And regardless of the indicators, we all put the focus on quality above all. We seek to lead by position rather than by volume. Nevertheless, we understand that this objective can only be reached with a minimum critical size.

My coach’s expertise and experience at the helm of several companies is my guarantee.

Amélia Lakrafi - CEO - BizInnov

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